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What is the sound of one hand typing?

-irc koan

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Gristle the Evil Clown Alright, listen, wanky-boy. I've got no time for you, your pocket protector, or your acne-faced, X-files watching friends. So if you've got one of them panty-waist, easily bruisable egos, you'd best go back to the Star Trek convention you came from and go searching for the Cute and Fluffy Bunny Page.

If you can't see this image, it's because you're a weenie.
That, and the fact that you're not using Netscape Navigator, like everyone else on the planet. It's encoded with BoxTop Software's ProJPEG format, which is way cooler than regular-everyday-ordinary JPEG, and beats the pants off GIF's.

So, it's time to upgrade from MacWeb and get a real browser that reads all the cool nifty stuff. If you're using Netcom's Netcruiser, you probably got booted off and aren't reading this anyway. If you're running Lynx, you probably own a Commodore 64 and are reading this on someone else's system. If you're viewing this from AOL, you suck.

If you want to see it in all its spendor, click the picture (or where it's supposed to be) to see the larger (78k) version, along with more idle ranting.
(can't have one without the other)

Here's lookin' atcha... Clicking on the eye will take you to some examples of my work.

“But, Dave, does this site have anything of interest or value?” you may ask. (You may - you have my permission)

You bet it does:

  • My RGB to hexadecimal color conversion formula (very useful)
  • my résumé (almost as important)
  • Bill Bailey's web page (what are friends for)
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    and don't forget my favorite abusive areas...

    Upstart Associates' Random Abuse Generator
    Inter-Links' Shakespearian Insult Server
    Lynn Bry's Surrealist Compliment Generator ('Melvin did this, but he's not here right now.')
    Scott Pakin's automatic complaint-letter generator

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    “Gee, thanks, Dave. You're my hero!”
    Of course I am, you mindless freakin' drone.

    Check back soon to see what I'm wasting my time with now.
    (like you care...)

    Your turn:

    Back by popular demand (how popular we'll soon see), this is the place where you can put in your 2¢
    (like I care what you think)

    Do you have an opinion?
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    What're you lookin' at?  And how often?
    (if I get any more popular, I'll run for class president)

    Who the hell are you? (-guestbook)
    I know you've got something to say, so say it already!

    What kind of freak visits this site anyway?  (Present company excepted, of course.)

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